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Moving FORWARD in our lives become imperative. We must rise from our slumber and get focus. Forward means going further rather than coming to an end or halting. Its moving forward in the midst of our setbacks, frustrations, and self doubt. Everyone has a gift(s). How you choose to use them determines your career path. Our life is about unfolding our gifts and aligning them to our calling. Its a process. But HOW do you get unstuck when you keep going in circles in your career and life trying to finding your sweet-spot? We have to stop. Get quiet. Seek God's guidance. Write a plan and move forward in faith despite our fears. It's time to discover what you are really meant to be doing. To step into your God-given calling. Hiding doesn't help anyone. You were meant to use your gifts and talents to impact the place(s) where you are planted.  Let' redefine what employment means for you and make your next steps in your career path purposeful. 

What is it that you are called to do? That sweet spot where you flow, where things get easy for you and where you feel joy. Move from a job to your calling by redefining employment and recalculating your path.

I AM Moving F.O.R.W.A.R.D In My Life and Career with Cathy A. Price

Discover the Path Forward and Unleash Your Unique Earning Potential.

Cathy A. Price, SHRM-SCP, CPC, CDF
Lifeforming Leadership & Growth Coach

CEO, C.A.P Solutions, LLC

But...what is meant by redefining "employment" on your terms?...

#1 Employment (Em-ploy-ment) traditionally is defined as an employee who contributes labor and expertise to an endeavor of an employer or of a person conducting a business or undertaking and is usually hired to perform specific duties which are packaged into a job  with some form of compensation. -Wikipedia

But here is #2 Employment (Em-ploy-ment) redefined..."Any way that you are engaged to "earn a living" that you deserve by using the gifts and talents that you have in service to another either in employment and or entrepreneurship or some other form there of."-Cathy Price
Listen to an excerpt video from The Unleash Your Earning Potential Conference... Can you identify which definition puts you in charge?

My Story... 

Hi I'm Cathy! That's Cathy with a 'C' (a Southern thing).

I'm from South Louisiana. I grew up in a household of hard working parents. My father worked as a supervisor at a major gas company and had a janitorial business he did at night. My mother was a successful self employed nurse. Even as a toddler, there was something different about me. I watch my parents navigate a number of obstacles in their life and career. They taught me persistence, determination and resilience which helped me to keep moving forward in my life and career, even if there were obstacles. But sometimes that worked against me. Why? Because you think success is based solely on your own efforts and there's no need for God unless you get stuck.


I've experience cycles of job loss and business success and failures. To the point I gave up. I started believing that maybe I wasn't called to be a business owner. I wasn't breaking the ceiling in corporate america and I wasn't mastering business. But what I was missing faith in God. I felt that I capable of figuring things out on my. But when I couldn't, then I felt worthless. But God had a purpose and plan for me. Once I surrendered, I began to see my purpose and how the pieces of my life experiences, career and gifts fit together. God had been there all alone...patiently waiting for me to get out of his way. It's about the process.

“Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to use them accordingly: proportion to the faith possessed;”

Romans 12:6 Amplified

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